About RedSphere Hosting

The true value behind the iSphere hosting service is the capability to add the iSecure Package to any of our hosting solutions. Most typically, customers have a Microsoft based web application and require various security components to meet any number of security requirements (HIPAA, PCI, SOX etc). In this model, the customer's Microsoft based system is secured behind a dedicated iSecure system that will house IDS/IPS, WAF and potentially other security applications.

RedSphere's iSphere hosting services are located in several physically disparate and secured locations with redundant connections to Tier 1 providers. All of our datacenter locations contain redundant cooling systems and power backups with generators for extended power loss support. All facilities are equiped with FM-200 based fire suppression systems. Physical access to Redsphere's datacenters is highly regulated and only authorized personnel are granted access.

RedSphere's iSecure capabilities were developed by security industry innovators from the ground up using industry leading technologies and methodologies to provide a highly flexible and secure platform. These technologies can be used to mitigate known attack vectors and exploits such as SQL Injection attacks and Cross Site Scripting while also protecting against unknown attacks and attack vectors (0-day) by protecting and examining both inbound and outbound network traffic. RedSphere has several levels of iSecure offerings that start at $120/month, please inquire directly to sales@redsphereglobal.com or order a package today from our online store! .

All iSphere Packages include a *nix operating system. Other OS options are available, but may cause additional fees to be incurred


iSecure packages and any modifications to iSphere hosting packages will be custom quoted, please contact sales@redsphereglobal.com or fill out our online contact form or additional pricing information.

* - All packages require a setup fee of $100 unless otherwise noted, Additional hardware options are available on an ala-carte basis, such as additional memory, RAID etc...